Reminder of valuable training

Nov 27

Valuable Facebook Marcom Training Available Now

As per previous communications, we are in partnership with Facebook and have access to a brand new training resource launched yesterday. Facebook StudioEdge is a series of short training modules designed for marketers to get deeper and deeper expertise using the platform for their marcom needs. This resource will grow over time and is a great companion to the Social@Ogilvy Belt Training System. We will be integrating the Facebook StudioEdge curriculum in future iterations of our belt levels. You can access the training now.

What Facebook Studio Edge Is

Studio Edge lives on the Facebook Studio website. It is lightweight, easy-to-use and modular. Each course should take only about 15 minutes to complete

Studio Edge was designed with agencies in mind, and its material is relevant to a wide range of agency audiences and disciplines.
Courses are grouped under three main product categories: Pages, Ads, and Technology. As you complete courses in any given category, you’ll move up in status from Novice to Intermediate, Advanced, and Expert. Talk to your manager, or refer to the attached guide, to prioritize which categories are the most relevant to your position.
Studio Edge will be updated continually as new products develop. As updates and new courses become available, you’ll be notified through the Facebook Studio site. You’ll want to keep up to speed on new courses to maintain the status you’ve earned.

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  1. Kim Ngan says:

    How to attend the training anh ơi? Thanks.

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